Pete Buttigieg Eager for U.S. to Give 'Trumpism' a 'Thumping' in 2020


Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants to defeat President Donald Trump so decisively in the 2020 presidential election that everything the president stands for will be rendered political poison.

“As a candidate for president, the best thing that could happen is to defeat not just Trump, but Trumpism,” Buttigieg said in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday.

The South Bend mayor said he was encouraged by Republicans he met who are “furious” with what President Trump is doing in office.

He urged Americans to give “such a thumping in November 2020 against Trumpism and everything associated with it that it creates the shockwaves required to reunite Republicans in elected office with their conscience or lead to the dissolution and reinvention of that party.”

In 2018, Time magazine posited that President Trump had created a political revolution of economic populism that would outlast Trump’s presidency.

The president shared a GIF of the

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