Nolte: 'Wonder Woman 1984' Surrenders with Move to Streaming

Nolte: 'Wonder Woman 1984' Surrenders with Move to Streaming

The only news that would (or will) be bigger than Wonder Woman 1984 moving to streaming, to HBO Max, is if Marvel gives in and drops Black Widow on Disney Plus.

Wonder Woman 1984, a bona fide Warner Bros. tentpole, a highly-anticipated sequel to a monster blockbuster that grossed almost $900 million, is throwing in the towel and will premier on TV on Christmas Day.

It will take a run at international theaters starting December 16, and will open in theaters here on Christmas Day. But with Democrats locking the world down, how many domestic theaters are going to be open on Christmas Day? Not many. A whole lot fewer than were open when Warner Bros. dropped Christopher Nolan’s Tenet in late August, only to see that no-brainer blockbuster sputter and collapse with a $56 million domestic run, and $297 million international — which is about half a billion less

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