Los Angeles Sheriff Says Anti-Police Protesters Are ‘Almost Worthy Of ISIS’

Los Angeles Sheriff Says Anti-Police Protesters Are ‘Almost Worthy Of ISIS’

Protesters who chanted “we hope they die” while blocking ambulance exit and entrances at a hospital were compared to ISIS by a Los Angeles Sheriff Tuesday, Fox News reported.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said that the protesters who advocated for the two injured deputies to die were “something almost worthy of ISIS,” on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.”

“It’s just a new low for the hatred that I don’t think anyone in this nation has ever seen before,” Villanueva said on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.”

To the protesters blocking the entrance & exit of the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM yelling “We hope they die” referring to 2 LA Sheriff’s ambushed today in #Compton: DO NOT BLOCK EMERGENCY ENTRIES & EXITS TO THE HOSPITAL. People’s lives are at stake when ambulances can’t get through.

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— LA County Sheriffs (@LASDHQ) September 13, 2020

Police declared the protest an unlawful assembly and ordered the crowd to disperse, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. (RELATED: LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Gave First Aid To Partner Despite Having Been Shot Through The Jaw, Video Shows)

One male protester was arrested for refusing to comply with police dispersal orders,

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