Lancaster protester’s dad calls $1 million bail ‘vindictive’

Lancaster protester’s dad calls $1 million bail ‘vindictive’

The father of the sorority girl busted on arson and riot charges in Lancaster, Penn. slammed her $1 million bail as “vindictive” — but said he didn’t blame police for taking action amid the “nasty scene.”

Chip Patterson said it’s clear authorities are trying to send a message to protesters like his daughter, Kathryn, who was among 13 people busted Monday around 3 a.m. on a slew of charges related to riots outside the Lancaster Police station.

“[I’m] completely floored. It’s really just vindictive,” Chip told The Post. “You want to have faith in the system because it’s the only one we have and then you experience this. I understand why my daughter would protest in the first place.”

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But he later conceded, “I understand the police building itself was damaged and it was a nasty scene. I don’t blame them for taking action.”

Bail was set for Kathryn and her alleged cohorts at $1 million. They’ve remained locked

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