John Kerry Flouts Mask Mandate at Logan Airport

John Kerry Flouts Mask Mandate at Logan Airport

Joe Biden’s ‘Special Climate Envoy’ John Kerry once again flouted the mask mandate while he was walking through Logan Airport on Monday.

John Kerry is above the law.

Kerry was photographed flying First Class on an American Airlines (commercial.. gasp) flight in March sans mask.

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He lashed out at critics and said his mask was only “momentarily” down.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained new photos of John Kerry waltzing through the body scanner at Logan Airport in Boston without a face mask on.

A spokeswoman for Logan Airport told the Free Beacon that masks are required “any time someone is inside the airport or on an aircraft,” including during security screening, in accordance with the TSA mandate.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. President Joe Biden appointed Kerry last year to serve as his special presidential envoy for climate, a cabinet-level position.

Biden implemented the TSA airport mask requirement through an

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