Itxu Díaz: The Machismo of Melons and Other Recipes

Itxu Díaz: The Machismo of Melons and Other Recipes

I won’t hide. I celebrate Epicurious’s decision to remove racism from its culinary dishes.

I consider it unacceptable that there was an Asian Noodle Salad among their recipes. What were they thinking? How humiliating, and what a savage attack against Asians and their noodles. As a proportionate response, perhaps Xi Jinping should bomb the magazine’s headquarters in retaliation for this thunderous racism.

Luckily, the magazine’s new management has decided to rename the recipe Cold Rice Noodle Salad, thereby eliminating the racist allusions.

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I can finally sleep now, after so many restless nights, drowning in a sea of ​​tears, all because of these painfully humiliating noodles for Asians.

There’s still much to be done.

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In order to speed things up, I have been reviewing other recipes and am terrified by the proliferation of hatred and segregation found

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