Is this the top? CNBC tips five months of Bitcoin upside

Is this the top? CNBC tips five months of Bitcoin upside

A bullish Brian Kelly of CNBC’s Fast Money said today that Bitcoin’s gains may extend to a full year after the halving — which many members of Crypto Twitter immediately took as a major sell signal.

In a Nov. 12 interview on CNBC, Kelly said to host Melissa Lee that the surge of high-profile, and institutional, investors moving towards Bitcoin (BTC) could mean a bullish future for the cryptocurrency. Asked for a price prediction he instead said:

“There’s a lot of scope for upside. Most of the gains that come are the year after the halvening, and we’re seven months into that year after the halvening, and Bitcoin’s doing what it should do.”

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Lee concluded: “So there could be five more months here of pretty good upside.”

Rather than being delighted at mainstream coverage and bullish price predictions, Twitter users were quick to joke this meant the bull run was over, following a theme that has been

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