I’m Coming Clean; The Emperor Is Naked......Buck Naked [Video]

I’m Coming Clean; The Emperor Is Naked……Buck Naked [Video]

For over a year, many Americans played along as sycophantic characters in the story The Emperor’s New Clothes. Afraid to point out the obvious (that their candidate for president, Joe Biden, was seemingly in mental decline), they chose instead to translate Biden’s gaffes, decipher his garble, and accuse his detractors of being divisive and hateful.

While on the champagne trail, or in Joe Biden’s case, from the bowels of his basement, left-wing media “journalists” covered up or made up excuses for his blunders. Painfully brutal speeches that were difficult to listen to, delivered in between stammering and stuttering nonsensical word clusters, were an alarming indicator of what appears to be failing mental health. Often he struggled to get words out. He blurted out unintelligible sounds other times and continued as if no one would question it (and no one in the left-stream media would). He would confuse numbers and dates, squinting and apologizing for “losing his place” in his

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