HAWORTH: Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump No. 1: Foreign Policy

HAWORTH: Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump No. 1: Foreign Policy

One of the fundamental responsibilities of the President of the United States is to define foreign policy. This involves, amongst other areas, acting as Commander in Chief of the armed forces, advocating for the United States by forming (and possibly dissolving) relationships with other nations and organizations, and enacting the nation’s high-level strategy on the world stage.

On the subject of foreign policy, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are polar opposites. Trump is a proven success. Biden is a proven failure. 

President Donald Trump

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While the Democrats and the mainstream media are working overtime to inform prospective voters of Trump’s apparent failure in the eyes of our so-called “global neighbors,” reality is increasingly difficult to deny.

To the dismay of his critics, Trump’s condemnation of the failure of NATO members to meet their financial obligations has not dragged Europe into World War III. To the contrary, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg even praised Trump in 2018, saying “Let me

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