Georgia Confirms The Pre-Trump GOP Is Dead And Gone

Georgia Confirms The Pre-Trump GOP Is Dead And Gone

Amid the fallout from a stunning Republican loss in Georgia that effectively hands control of the U.S. Senate to Democrats, we’re already seeing commentary and think pieces about how this means the end of Trumpism, that Donald Trump killed the GOP, that Trump sabotaged his own party, and so on.

Not so fast. Yes, President Trump will leave office having served only one term, but consider where he will leave his party relative to his previous two predecessors. When George W. Bush left office, he left behind eight fewer GOP Senate seats and 21 fewer House seats. Democrats comfortably controlled the Congress and the White House, having made substantial gains in two consecutive elections, the 2006 midterms and the 2008 general—something no party had done since the 1930s.

By the time Barack Obama left office, his party had been decimated. Sure, Democrats gained two Senate seats and six House seats in 2016, but it wasn’t anywhere close enough to

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