Bitcoin And Crypto Market Analysis For The Week Gone By

Bitcoin And Crypto Market Analysis For The Week Gone By

Whilst US equity markets fell last week due to drops from Big Tech, the European market plodded along and the FTSE All-Share Index rose moderately. Bitcoin and a number of alts remained relatively steady, despite some momentary blips as bitcoin very briefly dipped below the $10,000 level on both Monday and Tuesday.

Simon Peters, analyst, eToro

On-chain metrics belie the dips below $10,000

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Despite the drops we saw throughout last week, we failed to see a close below $10,000 and although the sentiment in the community is clearly not overly bullish, I would say that it remains relatively neutral. That doesn’t always make for the most interesting story (and certainly not the punchiest line on which to hook a newsletter), but it does show a certain level of maturity in the sector. 

As we discussed in the previous newsletter, Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve have now changed their inflation target to an average of 2% over time, rather

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