5 People Hospitalized After Contracting Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria

5 People Hospitalized After Contracting Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Connecticut warned residents about a rare flesh-eating bacteria found in the Long Island Sound after numerous cases were reported, per a Saturday announcement.

Vibrio vulnificus is a life-threatening infection that can require intensive care or amputations. Roughly one in five people with the infection die, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (RELATED: Trust In The CDC And Media To Deliver Accurate Information About COVID Tumbles, Poll Shows)

The bacteria can enter open wounds that are exposed to warm salt water or brackish water — which is a combination of salt and freshwater — according to the state’s Department of Health. Once the bacteria enters, those infected can become seriously sick.

DPH warns residents in shoreline areas of Connecticut of illness caused by bacteria in salt or brackish water.
Five reported infections caused by Vibrio Vulnificus since July prompts warning.

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For the complete press release, click the link: https://t.co/dfFDyyLS45 pic.twitter.com/cutCXmpom4

— CT Public Health (@CTDPH) September 12, 2020

The Connecticut Department of Health announced Saturday that there have been five reported cases since July, which is “an unusually high number.”

“The identification of these five cases over two months is very concerning,”

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