World's Largest Meat Supplier Crippled by Cyberattack

World's Largest Meat Supplier Crippled by Cyberattack

A major cyberattack has reportedly crippled the world’s largest meat processing company, JBS. The company reports an “organized cybersecurity attack” has severely hampered its operations in the U.S. and Australia.

NBC News reports that thousands of meat workers in Australia are out of work for a second day this week after a cyberattack has crippled the largest meat supplier in the world, JBS. The company is also Australia’s largest meat and food processing company with 47 facilities across the country including abattoirs, feedlots, and meat processing sites. JBS employs around 1,100 people.

JBS USA said in a statement from Greeley, Colorado, on Monday that it was the target of an “organized cybersecurity attack,” affecting some of its servers supporting its North American and Australian IT systems.

The statement said: “The company’s backup servers were not affected and it is actively working with an Incident Response firm to restore its

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