Trump coronavirus optimism rebuffed by health experts fears

Trump coronavirus optimism rebuffed by health experts fears

President Trump says America is turning the corner on the coronavirus and will defeat it “very easily” with a vaccine but public health experts are worried about a cold-weather spike in the meantime, posing a key test of whether Americans can buckle down for a few more months.

Public health experts are concerned the coronavirus could surge after Election Day due to the cooler weather conditions, along with the higher risks associated with school openings and people gathering indoors to avoid the chill outside.

Making matters worse, any spike would coincide with flu season, potentially creating confusion in the emergency rooms that need to distinguish between the diseases. Officials are pleading with the public to get their flu shots and maintain COVID-19 precautions to avoid the type of chaos that dominated last spring.

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Predicting how the new coronavirus will behave has been notoriously difficult, to the point tha experts say people should be prepared for any scenario.

“One has

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