Trump Campaign, GOP Sue Pennsylvania Over Mail-in Voting

Trump Campaign, GOP Sue Pennsylvania Over Mail-in Voting

Republicans, constitutionalists, and conservative groups deeply concerned about the future integrity of our elections have been fighting mail-in voting for years.

It’s become the ‘voting method of choice’ for Democrats because they know that by using horribly outdated voter registration rolls, which exist in the majority of counties groups like Judicial Watch are discovering, they can ensure that ‘people’ who may have moved or have been deceased for years get to cast a ballot.


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The Trump administration has taken this threat the most seriously of any prior White House, though so far, the Justice Department has largely been missing in action. Most lawsuits brought against counties and jurisdictions over illegally outdated registration rolls have been undertaken by JW.

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But now the Trump reelection campaign, the GOP, and four Pennsylvania Republican members of Congress are getting in the game: They have all filed suit has filed suit against the state of

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