This is why Mark Cuban thinks Ethereum is a “true currency”

This is why Mark Cuban thinks Ethereum is a “true currency”

In an interview for The Delphi Podcast, billionaire Mark Cuban talked about his experience with cryptocurrencies, the current state of the market, and the reasons behind his bullish perception of Bitcoin and Ethereum. For Cuban, cryptocurrencies and their applications are the next evolution of the internet.

Claiming that Bitcoin has “taken money away” from gold and “will continue to do so,” the billionaire separated the applications between one cryptocurrency and the other. For Cuban, the “most exciting” part about the crypto space is the emergence of decentralization and decentralized finance.

In that sense, he sees Ethereum as being much more comparable to the rise of the internet and its multiple use cases. Cuban stated:

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When the Internet started to happen, you started seeing all these applications that could disrupt things that happened in the analog world (…). Now, you look at what’s happening and you saw smart contracts come along and (…) the fact that they’re decentralized, that’s what

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