The Titans Beating The Bills Draws Big TV Ratings On CBS

The Titans Beating The Bills Draws Big TV Ratings On CBS

Lots of people watched the Tennessee Titans hammer the Buffalo Bills 42-16 Tuesday night.

According to, the game peaked at more than 10.16 million viewers on CBS as Ryan Tannehill and company took care of business. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

That number easily crushed any number seen during the NBA Finals, which posted absolutely atrocious ratings.

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With every game that gets postponed from Sunday into the week, I honestly start to think that extra Monday games might be here to stay.

I know this game happened on a Tuesday, but the numbers speak for themselves. There’s no way the NFL can ignore this kind of interest.

While fans haven’t loved the issues with coronavirus, it’s very clear that fans love extra football during the week.

It almost makes too much sense for the NFL to start playing an early and late game on Mondays going forward. There might be some issues to iron out with the NFLPA, but I’m starting to become convinced this is the future.

Hopefully, the NFL is able to only get ratings that increase. It’s

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