Sunday Times: Aborting Babies with Down Syndrome ‘Equates to Eugenics’

Sunday Times: Aborting Babies with Down Syndrome ‘Equates to Eugenics’

The selective aborting of babies with Down syndrome “equates to eugenics, which is the elimination of human beings not considered fit or healthy enough to have a normal life,” declares an op-ed in the November 22 Sunday Times.

“In Britain, a baby diagnosed with the condition is 90% likely to be aborted,” writes David Quinn, director of the Iona Institute and a Sunday Times columnist. “In Denmark and some other countries, we find an almost identical situation.”

While some people defend Down syndrome abortion on the grounds it keeps children with the condition from coming into the world, the practice reinforces a eugenic mindset that sees people with disabilities as somehow inferior, Mr. Quinn argues.

Eugenics “was once considered a perfectly respectable point of view,” Quinn notes, but it is no longer so today.

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As Breitbart News reported, one of the world’s largest abortion providers — Marie Stopes International — opted

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