Stanford Prof: Dungeons & Dragons Encourages Racism

Stanford Prof: Dungeons & Dragons Encourages Racism

A professor at Stanford University says that Dungeons & Dragons has racist undertones, claiming that it encourages a racist relationship between players.

Stanford professor Antero Garcia, who has been observing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) while doing research at gaming cafés in the Midwest for his upcoming study of D&D players, told Wired that this fantasy role-playing game is racist in nature.

In the game exists a fictional humanoid race called “Tiefling,” which has infernal heritage and lives in ghettos in human cities. In the interview, Garcia recalled how one group of D&D players acted distrustful of a player-character whose race was Tiefling.

“They were all friends, but they knew the expectation was to be suspicious,” said Garcia. “That relationship is racism.”

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The report added that fans of the game “can lean conservative.”

This is not the first time Garcia has lamented over Dungeons & Dragons. In 2017, the professor published an academic journal article, entitled, “Privilege, Power, and Dungeons &

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