Sold Out After Two Days: “Trump Won, Save America!”

Sold Out After Two Days: “Trump Won, Save America!”

I think sometimes when I tell you something may sell out, people don’t always take me seriously.

But I don’t make stuff up.

And I knew based on how popular this was over the last two days that these were going to sell out….

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Today I got the notice: they’re completely OUT of stock for a few weeks.

Here’s the message you will see when you go to check availability now:

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that means thousands upon thousands of them are currently being shipped out in the mail soon to be flying proudly in neighborhoods all over America!

The election was stolen…and it’s time we all shout it from the rooftops!

Or from the flag stands on our front porches.

For a while, President Trump was fairly quiet on the election, but now he’s saying it plain as day: the election was stolen!  It was a fraud!

And as he becomes louder,

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