Sen. Josh Hawley Draws Battle Line With Big Tech In New Book

Sen. Josh Hawley Draws Battle Line With Big Tech In New Book

Year on year, day by day the powers of big tech companies in America grows unchecked.

This has been a serious issue in this generation, and little is being done about it.

We stood back and watched Google, Twitter, and Facebook become tools for the leftwing.

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Nowadays, you can’t seem to say negative things against leftwing politicians without being deplatformed, expressing contrary opinions to those of the leftwing gets you banned.

Heck, they had the “power” to deplatform a sitting US president.

Something quick has to be done about this problem and some GOP Politicians responded including Sen. Josh Hawley

Sen. Josh Hawley released a new book recently warning the big tech that he’s out for war.

Missouri senator says as reported by Fox News:

This is a book that corporate leftists don’t want anybody to read, and for good reason.

Here’s more on this story:

Sen. Hawley calls Big Tech 'greatest threat,' slams its 'woke' agenda

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