See Kamala Harris’ own ‘Resolute’ desk made from parts of USS Constitution

See Kamala Harris’ own ‘Resolute’ desk made from parts of USS Constitution

Vice President Kamala Harris now has her own “Resolute” desk, crafted from materials from the historic USS Constitution warship.

The desk was built by US Navy Seabees and delivered to the White House in February, according to outlets including

Featuring intricate patriotic carvings of eagles and stars, the desk was made using wood, copper and nails taken from the Constitution during two renovations of the frigate between 2007 and 2017, the outlet reported, citing Paul Taylor, a spokesman for Naval History and Heritage Command, which headed up the project.

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Commissioned in 1794 and now berthed at Boston’s Charlestown Navy Yard, the Constitution — dubbed “Old Ironsides” by poet Oliver Wendell Holmes — is the oldest US warship still afloat.

Vice President Kamala Harris sits at her desk made from wood, copper and nails taken off the USS Constitution, one of the country’s first frigates.Twitter @VP

Harris’ desk was one of two “heritage desks” constructed by the Seabees this

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