Ronna McDaniel wins third term as RNC chairwoman

Ronna McDaniel wins third term as RNC chairwoman

Ronna McDaniel was unanimously reelected as the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, easily winning a third term after using President Trump’s early endorsement to clear the field of any opposition.

Elected RNC members usually take control of the committee and vote in a new leader after a Republican president loses reelection or leaves office after two terms. But after Trump lost to President-elect Joe Biden, he moved to maintain his grip on the national party by endorsing McDaniel, signaling that he planned another White House run in 2024. The 168 voting members of the RNC, most of them loyal to the outgoing president, went along with it.

Quietly, some RNC members have been suspicious that McDaniel is a proxy for Trump and that the soon-to-be-former president will be pulling the strings of the committee in exile. McDaniel acted quickly to assure concerned Republicans that the RNC would operate independently and conduct a presidential primary that treats

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