REPORT: Funds “Suddenly Missing From Bank Of America Accounts

REPORT: Funds “Suddenly Missing From Bank Of America Accounts

Oh boy….here we go?

We’ve been warning for a long time that “bail ins” are coming.

You remember “bail outs” from 2008/09, but they won’t run that same plan again.

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No, this time it will be something called “bail ins” where they just take some money from all bank accounts on file because it’s needed to help the “greater good”.

Think it can’t happen?

It already did in Cyprus over 10 years ago:

A bail-in is when a bank takes money from its customers to help keep the bank from going bankrupt. This is different from a bail-out, which is when the government gives money to a bank to help it stay open.

In 2013, the country of Cyprus had a big problem. Its banks

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