Progressive Dems fight to defund the police as party moves on

Progressive Dems fight to defund the police as party moves on

It’s their hill to defund on.

Progressive Democrats are irked by talk from President Biden and national Democrats looking to move the party away from the anti-police rhetoric of 2020.

“Since the last election the moderates have been moving away from it,” state Sen. Jabari Brisport told The Post. Brisport — a socialist — warned that embracing cops would bring consequences from his perennially restive comrades.

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“I think hiring more cops after we just saw the largest protest our nation has ever seen against police violence is extremely tone deaf and does not build the base and will probably hurt us in the 2022 elections,” Brisport said.

During a summer of violence in 2020, defund the police became a battle cry for Democrats from coast to coast. In New York, the City Council passed a budget slashing a billion dollars from the NYPD. Its undercover anti-crime unit was disbanded. Lefty Minneapolis lawmakers moved to completely defund their department and

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