Panthers Spanish-Language Announcer Leaves Job over Trump Support

Panthers Spanish-Language Announcer Leaves Job over Trump Support

A Spanish-language broadcaster for the Carolina Panthers, says he felt pressured to leave his job because the team is upset that he is a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Luis Moreno, Jr., who has be a broadcaster for the team for a decade, says that the team was unhappy with his open support of Donald Trump, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Moreno told the paper that he began openly supporting Trump on his personal Twitter account this Spring, and at one point, he was tagged along with several other Trump supporters in a tweet. That tagging seemed to have spurred the team to come down on the broadcaster.

The announcer said that he was contacted about his tweets by Eric Fiddleman — the Panthers’ radio and television affiliate manager and Spanish-language radio general manager.

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Moreno said that Fiddleman told him to remove information pertaining to his work for the team from

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