MUST SEE: Robin Bullock’s Vision of Presidents!

MUST SEE: Robin Bullock’s Vision of Presidents!

I have really come to enjoy listening to this man!

He speaks with real power and real anointing.

Not showy or boastful or loud, just calm, cool and with authority.

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He always has some interesting stuff, but I found this most recent interview on Elijah Streams to be absolutely fascinating!

He covers Clinton, both Bushes, Obama and Trump and this is all stuff I had never heard before.

I couldn’t stop listening.

I don’t want to even try and summarize it for you, that wouldn’t be fair to Robin.

You just have to listen to him explain it.

Ok one quick spoiler alert….Robin confirms God is NOT done with President Trump yet, and you’re gonna LOVE what happens next!

He also confirms that Biden is not recognized as President according to God.

The day of the swearing in, at the exact moment of Biden taking the oath, Robin says he was immediately given this message:  “The office of the

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