Mitt Romney Expresses Support For Whistleblower’s Identity to Stay Secret


Mitt Romney is showing his true (blue) colors once again, standing in opposition to Rand Paul’s call for the so-far anonymous “whistleblower” to be unmasked.

On Monday, Sen. Rand Paul challenged the media to reveal the true identity of the so-called “whistleblower” that spurred on House Dems’ impeachment inquiry after alleging that Trump stepped out line during a phone call with the Ukrainian President regarding corruption and the Biden family.

“Do your job and print his name!” Paul demanded of the media.

In response to this, RINO “Never Trumper” Romney took the side of the whistleblower, saying,

“I think whistleblowers have the right to remain confidential and their privacy ought to be respected.”

Take a look at news of this that hit Twitter:

Asked about @RandPaul urging the media to out the name of the whistleblower, ROMNEY: “I believe in personal privacy, particularly as it relates to a whistleblower, and think that would be

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