MIT Study Challenges CDC’s Draconian Social Distancing Recommendations

MIT Study Challenges CDC’s Draconian Social Distancing Recommendations

Six-foot social distancing rules that panic-stoking Democrats and their media minions have browbeaten Americans to follow are based on pseudoscientific hogwash, according to a new MIT study.

Moreover, the indoor capacity limits that forced the shuttering of restaurants, bars, gyms, churches and schools were unnecessary, according to the researchers.

MIT math professors Martin Z. Bazant and John W.M. Bush just published a groundbreaking study casting doubt on the draconian coronavirus restrictions prescribed by the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Bazant, who teaches chemical engineering and applied mathematics, said the 6-foot rule defies science and common sense, especially if you wear a mask.

“We argue there really isn’t much of a benefit to the 6-foot rule, especially when people are wearing masks,” Bazant told CNBC last week.

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