Israeli company outfits buses with COVID-19-fighting air system

Israeli company outfits buses with COVID-19-fighting air system

An Israeli startup whose technology purifies air tainted by the coronavirus has outfitted 400 tourist buses with its system to carry frontline workers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, according to a report.

A study conducted at Sheba Medical Center — Israel’s largest hospital, which uses the system — determined that it has the ability to destroy various viruses, including the coronavirus, at a rate of 99.9 percent, according to The Media Line

The system by Aura Air, which is headquartered in Tel Aviv, destroys the coronavirus and informs passengers on the state of seven air quality indexes in their vehicle.

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It uses two patented methods, a Sterionizer and a copper laced high-efficiency particulate air filter, as well as ultraviolet C light, The Media Line reported.

The Sterionizer is an improved ionizer, which works by distributing positive and negative ions into the air to starts a process that destroys the sickness-causing protein constructions of the viruses.

Older ionizers can

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