Is Bill Maher Television’s Last True Liberal?

Is Bill Maher Television’s Last True Liberal?

Late night television was once an American pastime. In recent years, however, the genre has been corrupted by increasingly biased political rhetoric. From Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel to John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, hosts push their personal political agendas and frequently belittle opposing viewpoints.  

While most right-leaning viewers feel rightfully left behind by late night, one host consistently differentiates himself from the pack: Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Unlike his counterparts, Maher has uniquely managed to garner support from the liberals and conservatives alike. His secret? True liberalism.

Giving a voice to the opposition

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Maher has been rather coy about his political affiliation, but throughout the years has labeled himself a Democrat. He endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and Bernie Sanders in 2016. Beyond just his crude humor, he holds many opinions that would likely be considered unsavory by most conservatives.

For one, Maher is highly critical of the Republican Party, claiming “Republicans win for two reasons:

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