Is a new decentralized internet, or Web 3.0, possible?

Is a new decentralized internet, or Web 3.0, possible?

The time has come to fight against the dominance of the internet giants. In Europe, various regulations have been announced that aim to force these giants to respect more healthy rules of the game and to be more protective of users’ rights and of competition. Some even brandish the threat of dismantling some of the tech giants, a weapon of mass destruction rarely used in history.

Is an alternative path of a truly decentralized internet possible?


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A handful of companies hold a virtual monopoly within the internet in critical areas of services (search engines, email, etc.), infrastructures (global transit, content distribution networks, cloud computing services, etc.) and even, to some extent, internet standardization (IETF, ICANN/IANA, W3C, etc.). The equation is unprecedented, and their position has become virtually impenetrable.

The now-famous “network effect” explains the genesis of the current domination: The bigger a web player is, the bigger it gets. The more users it has, the more interesting it becomes for the subsequent

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