GOP Loses Virginia Completely, Keeps Full Control Of Mississippi


It was a mixed bag for Republicans on Tuesday — but not in Virginia, where the GOP was swept completely out of power for the first time in over two decades.

“The Democratic Party won control of the Virginia General Assembly on Tuesday, giving the party total control of the Old Dominion’s state government for the first time since 1994,” The Hill reports. “Democratic candidates outpaced Republican incumbents and nominees in the three most populous regions of the state, picking up seats in Hampton Roads, Richmond and the surrounding suburbs, and the fast-growing Washington suburbs.”

In the Virginia Senate, Democrats have won at least 21 out of the 40 seats, wresting control of the chamber from the Republicans. The same story played out in the House of Delegates, where the Democrats now control at least 53 of the 100 seats, likewise flipping the chamber.

With a Democrat, embattled though he may be, in the Executive Mansion, the Democrats now have

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