FDA Ends Pause on Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine

FDA Ends Pause on Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine

The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifted the ten-day pause on Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine late Friday over concerns of a potential link to rare blood clots.

Along with ending the pause, the federal administration has edited the emergency use authorization for the vaccine to include a warning about the potential clotting issue and added a warning about the risk of rare blood clots in people with low platelet counts to fact sheets, Politico reported.

“The FDA and CDC have confidence that this vaccine is safe and effective in preventing COVID-19,” the agencies said in a news release.

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“At this time, the available data suggest that the chance of TTS occurring is very low, but the FDA and CDC will remain vigilant in continuing to investigate this risk.”

The CDC is expected to release an analysis of the issue next week in its

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