EXPLAINED: Why Does “King” Charles Have Sausage Fingers?

EXPLAINED: Why Does “King” Charles Have Sausage Fingers?

Yes folks, this is a real article.

Yes, this is a real investigation.

I know many of you don’t much care about the Royals, and neither do I.

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But I saw something today that was so strange I had to share it with you, and it’s all about King Charles’ hands and feet — and why do they look like sausages?

Not even sausages but “mini” sausages…

Please stick with me, because I’m very serious about this and you might agree once you see them.

Also, this is not something Photoshopped or fake — other news organizations are also exploring this strange phenomenon.

You may have seen these photos circulating around, but if not you are about to be shocked.

At least I was.


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