Donald Trump: NBC News Town Hall a 'Setup'

Donald Trump: NBC News Town Hall a 'Setup'

President Donald Trump on Thursday said that a scheduled town hall with NBC News was a “setup” against his campaign.

“You know, I’m being set up tonight. I’m doing this town hall with “Con-cast,” Trump said, using his favorite nickname for Comcast — the parent company of NBC.

Trump spoke about the upcoming town hall during a campaign rally in North Carolina, just hours before the town hall was scheduled to take place in Miami, Florida.

“I’m doing it, and it’s NBC. The worst,” Trump continued. “Home of ‘Sleepy Eyes’ Chuck Todd and some others.”

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Trump recalled that NBC did a town hall with former Vice President Joe Biden earlier in October that was ridiculously easy.

“They gave Joe Biden, a week ago, a town hall, and it was meant for children,” Trump said. “They asked him questions that a child could answer, any child. A smart child, not such

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