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Confirmed Tim Allen Coming Back To TV for 9th Season!

Great news for fans of “Last Man Standing!”

Tim Allen has announced that, YES, there will be a 9th season of the beloved sitcom.

Due to COVID-19, the shows 8th season was impacted and ended on its second to last episode, leaving viewers hanging.

It wasn’t just Last Man Standing.

Virtually every Hollywood production stopped filming as the nation locked down for the global pandemic.

Fortunately, though, Last Man Standing will continue with Season 9 and continue where Season 8th left off.

In fact, Allen has suggested that the would-be finale of Season 8 might turn into the premiere of Season 9. (This has not been confirmed).

The unusual circumstances of coronavirus means that shows like Last Man Standing are remaining fluid in terms of production schedule and writing.

More details, including Tim Allen’s major announcement, below!

Good news. Today Fox announced Last Man Standing is on for season 9!!!!

— Tim Allen (@ofctimallen) May

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