Civilians with Machetes Take on Leftist Rioters in Colombia

Civilians with Machetes Take on Leftist Rioters in Colombia

Locals in Barranquilla, Colombia, responded to leftist riots in their neighborhood by taking the streets with machetes on Tuesday, Colombian media and citizen journalists revealed.

Colombia has experienced nationwide riots since late April, initially organized against a progressive tax proposal by conservative President Iván Duque. Even though Duque walked back the near-universally unpopular proposal days later, Colombian leftist groups organized a “national strike” against him, most prominently featuring the burning down of police stations and historic monuments and building  illegal roadblocks that have resulted in needless deaths.

Duque has responded to the nationwide violence by announcing this week a “transformation” of the nation’s police forces to accommodate the desire of the rioters. The “national strike” organizers had not suggested an end to their violent campaign at press time.

The riots in Barranquilla on Tuesday night were meant to correspond with a soccer game played in that city’s Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan

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