Bolsonaro: Brazil Winning Soccer Match Against Coronavirus Thanks to Coach Bolsonaro


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro praised his own efforts to deal with the Chinese coronavirus on Wednesday when asked by a television reporter if he had sent out the “wrong message” in his initial skepticism over the pandemic.

“The team is doing well and we are winning by a landslide [goleada, a term meaning many soccer goals], Bolsonaro told the Globo journalist when asked if he regretted his initial response. “But it is also thanks to its coach. So, we are going to do justice and praise the coach named Jair Bolsonaro.”

Last Sunday, Bolsonaro sparked condemnation from the Brazilian media after he greeted and shook hands with supporters outside the presidential palace, indicating that he did not see the virus as a genuine threat.

Another journalist asked him, “Do you maintain your assessment that there is hysteria around the coronavirus outbreak?”

“That feeling of hysteria grew after Sunday. My obligation is to

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