Bitcoin Investment Experiment Yields Jaw-Dropping 13,000% Returns

Bitcoin Investment Experiment Yields Jaw-Dropping 13,000% Returns

Participants in a study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who were gifted free Bitcoin are witnessing a meteoric rise in the value of their crypto asset.

In 2014, the MIT Bitcoin Project offered every undergraduate student in the Cambridge, Massachusetts campus a chance to claim $100 in Bitcoin. All they had to do was complete a questionnaire to receive what was then a larger fraction of the cryptocurrency.

Bloomberg reports that of the 3,100 students that participated in the experiment, one in four participants cashed out their crypto assets when the experiment ended in 2017.

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Some participants used their profits to buy a new pair of shoes or food. Others forgot about their holdings and some lost their BTC because they could no longer access their digital wallet where the Bitcoin was stored.

It is not clear how many alumni still have their free Bitcoin from the experiment, but 24-year-old Mary Spanjers, a freshman at the

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