Exchange Announces Public Sale of the IDEA Token on January 26, 2021 Exchange Announces Public Sale of the IDEA Token on January 26, 2021

PRESS RELEASE. January 12, 2021 – Exchange, one of the leading authorities in cryptocurrency exchanges announces the details of the upcoming public sale of the Ideaology Token (IDEA).

Ideaology consists of a freelance platform which will accommodate most of the personnel needed to develop projects. The platform’s mission is to provide a host of freelancers and entrepreneurs with job options, a digital marketplace allowing platform users to sell or buy digital assets and services, as well as:

Share materials and experiences. An Idea launchpad. A collection of innovative and inventive individuals, to establish a creative colony for introducing and launching revolutionary ideas. A funding base of individuals and enterprises interested in supporting new projects, whether through direct partnerships, or through crowdfunding options available on the platform.

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Ideaology is creating a unique collaborative digital community and a fertile environment for the future of business development.

Prospective purchasers of the Ideaology Token can already

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