Australian fishermen rescue naked fugitive from swamp

Australian fishermen rescue naked fugitive from swamp

This is no fish tale.

Two Australian anglers rescued a naked man clinging to mangrove branches over crocodile-infested waters — and later learned he was a criminal fugitive who fled into the wilderness and survived by eating snails.

Cam Faust and Kev Joiner were laying crab traps outside Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory on Sunday when they heard the man’s cries for help, the pair told Aussie outlet 9News.

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As the duo navigated their boat closer, they spied Luke Voskresensky grasping to mangrove branches, naked, filthy and covered in insect bites, the report said.

“Completely naked, cuts all over him, swollen feet, covered in mud,” Faust described the man, who they said told them that he’d been living off of snails.

Though skeptical, the fishermen decided to help.

“We didn’t believe him at first,” Faust told the BBC. “Then we realized he was in a bad way and done himself a mischief and were like oh, we better help

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