Aragon merges with Vocdoni to improve governance for DAOs

Aragon merges with Vocdoni to improve governance for DAOs

The Aragon decentralized autonomous organization is merging with a blockchain voting protocol.

Aragon (ANT), a platform specializing in managing decentralized autonomous organizations, announced a merger with the Vocdoni protocol, a blockchain voting and governance solution provider.

Unlike the mergers, this acquisition has a much more traditional nature. Aragon has acquired Dvote Labs OÜ, the company behind the Vocdoni protocol. Its 11 team members will be hired into a new company controlled by Aragon and Vocdoni members.

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The teams will work on building an integrated solution to boost the Aragon ecosystem. Vocdoni technology uses zero-knowledge cryptography to enable anonymous voting, in addition to leveraging decentralized technologies like the Interplanetary File System, or IPFS, and libp2p, a networking solution. Vocdoni’s technology has been one of the main reasons for going through with the merger, Joe Charlesworth, executive director of the Aragon Association, said. “We believe that leveraging Aragon’s brand, treasury and domain expertise will help push forward adoption of decentralized

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