Another Hank Kunneman Prophecy Just Came To Pass!

Another Hank Kunneman Prophecy Just Came To Pass!

If you’ve been reading WeLoveTrump for a while, you know I’m a big fan of Hank Kunneman.

I love covering what he has to say, and I love how he does not deviate from what the LORD told him.

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He is standing firm, just as Noah did building that ark when everyone was laughing at him.

Well, I’m not laughing.

I stand by Pastor Hank 100%.

And it looks like a major prophecy he gave back on January 24, 2021 just came to pass.

You need to listen to exactly what he says, because he packs a LOT in there, but to quickly summarize he says there is going to be historic snow this year.

Snow in unusual places.

Record breaking storms.

And it will all be a sign that the Judgment of the LORD is about to fall.

Watch here on Rumble:

Backup here from YouTube:

Now I know what some of you are

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