Aliens Could Exist On Exoplanets’ ‘Terminator Zone,’ Researchers Say

Aliens Could Exist On Exoplanets’ ‘Terminator Zone,’ Researchers Say

Extraterrestrial beings may be hiding on distant planets which have a “terminator zone,” a habitable band at the transition between the non-rotating planets’ warm, day side and the cold, dark night side, researchers conjecture.

That “terminator zone” would feature liquid water, which serves as a vital ingredient for life. Astronomers from the University of California, Irvine found exoplanets that have such “terminator zones.”

“These planets have a permanent day side and a permanent night side,” Ana Lobo, who led the study, stated. “This is a planet where the dayside can be scorching hot, well beyond habitability, and the night side is going to be freezing, potentially covered in ice. You could have large glaciers on the night side.”

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“You want a planet that’s in the sweet spot of

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