Ad Agency Denies ‘Get Well’ Message To Trump In New York City

Ad Agency Denies ‘Get Well’ Message To Trump In New York City

A “get well soon” digital billboard message aimed at President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump was denied in New York City, according to Human Events.

Lamar Advertising, the group that manages the billboard, reportedly denied the submission for being a “political ad,” though it was not an endorsement or connected to any campaign, according to Human Events.

“Are my children really facing a world where you may not be allowed to pay to have kindhearted messages of prayer and support for an ill American President and First Lady,” said the submission’s designer and founder of pro-Trump organization Magahearts, Stephanie Lien D’Urso.

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“When did we lose our freedom to act as kind human beings with nothing but good intentions in our hearts?”

This cannot be a partisan moment.

It must be an American moment.

We have to come together as a nation.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 2, 2020

D’Urso submitted the message through Red State Talk Radio host Scott Adams, who already owns ad space on the billboard, according to Human Events. D’Urso claimes the message was not partisan.

“The message was a simple one of prayers and well wishes for our First

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