Zimbabwe: Police Disappear Anti-Government Activists Before Planned Protest

Zimbabwe: Police Disappear Anti-Government Activists Before Planned Protest

Zimbabwe police have cracked down on anti-government activists in recent days, arresting and allegedly abducting some investigative journalists, South African newspaper the Daily Maverik reported Friday.

Zimbabweans had planned to peacefully protest this week against the government’s alleged corruption in its handling of funds allocated for coronavirus medical supplies and increasing poverty and hunger in the struggling nation. According to the Daily Maverik, the demonstrations were thwarted by an alleged alliance between the ruling party Zanu-PF and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), who deployed security forces to major city streets to prevent Zimbabweans from protesting.

On Thursday, “the ZRP was out in full force” in the cities of Harare and Bulawayo.

“Streets were blocked and random searches of commuters were undertaken. Videos and photographs of the police beating passengers with sticks and arresting some were being shared on networks of human rights defenders monitoring the situation,” the newspaper noted.

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The ZRP tried to “round

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