Yovanovitch Transcript Shows Media Got Impeachment Probe Witness's Opening Statement Before Lawmakers


A copy of a witness’s opening statement during the closed-door impeachment inquiry was given to the Washington Post before copies were provided to members of Congress and staffers engaged in the inquiry, a recently released transcript shows.

Witnesses’ opening statements have frequently been leaked to the media, allowing for their claims to reach the public uncontested before any other information from the closed-door testimonies.

A staffer for the Republican side pressed former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch during her October 11 closed-door deposition on how the Post may have gotten a copy of her opening statement, but her lawyers refused to let her answer.

During the deposition, Steve Castor, the staffer representing Republicans for the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, asked Yovanovitch for copies of her opening statement.

“I’m not sure if you brought copies of that, but it might be helpful for the members,” he said to Yovanovitch.

Her attorney,

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