YouTuber claims he'll buy 111 Tesla Model 3s... if Elon Musk accepts Bitcoin Cash

YouTuber claims he'll buy 111 Tesla Model 3s… if Elon Musk accepts Bitcoin Cash

A Bitcoin Cash (BCH) YouTuber has promised to buy 111 Tesla Model 3s … but only if Tesla CEO Elon Musk agrees to accept BCH for Tesla purchases from now on.

Going by the title “,” the Australian YouTuber explained to almost 8,000 followers over three short videos that he believes Tesla would see a boost in sales as a result as there are many Bitcoin Cash supporters who want to spend their cryptocurrency, whereas Bitcoin (BTC) supporters tend to want to hang on to their holdings.

“You will enjoy unbelievable amount of support by people who actually want to spend the Bitcoin Cash, not the people who just want to HODL the BTC.”

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In late March the Bitcoin Cash community was dismayed to learn that BCH had not been added as a payment option when Elon Musk confirmed that U.S. customers could buy a Tesla using BTC.

The day following this public rebuff, BCH hit new all-time lows against Bitcoin of 0.089

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