YouTube Competitor Rumble Sues Google over Search Rankings

YouTube Competitor Rumble Sues Google over Search Rankings

Video platform Rumble has filed a lawsuit against Google alleging that the tech giant is “unfairly rigging its search algorithm” in favor of YouTube videos in its search results.

Rumble filed an antitrust lawsuit in federal court in California alleging that Google is “unfairly rigging its search algorithms” to place YouTube above Rumble in its search results, according to a report by Wall Street Journal.

Rumble has become an alternative to YouTube for many conservative pundits, especially in the wake of big tech companies banning President Donald Trump, which resulted in a social media exodus among conservatives from their platforms.

“Google, through its search engine, was able to wrongfully divert massive traffic to YouTube, depriving Rumble of the additional traffic, users, uploads, brand awareness and revenue it would have otherwise received,” reads the lawsuit.

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In its lawsuit, Rumble adds that it conducted a test and discovered that a Google search specifically for

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